Chicago Uptown Real Estate

Uptown is a colorful neighborhood located north of Irving Park Road, south of Foster, between lakefront and Clark Street.  Its central road, Broadway Avenue, is a commercial center of the neighborhood.  Great ethnic restaurants serving food at reasonable prices, have opened all along the street.  They offer local residents a delightful variety of unique tastes and flavors from Asia, South America, Africa and Middle East.

Uptown is conveniently located near the CTA’s red line running between the Loop and Rogers Park.  It provided quick and easy access to the downtown and Lincoln Park area.

Harry Truman College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, is located in Uptown.  It offers quality education and reasonable tuitions. It provides a great entry level college experience for the new immigrants that call this area their new home.

Uptown has gone through housing construction boom in the mid 1920’s.  Since then the area has undergone massive growth and transformation.  Now the housing of uptown consists largely of condominiums.  Many of them are located in the old, 1920’s buildings that have been converted into condos in recent years.  Here, one can find original woodwork, high ceilings, stain glass windows and other vintage features at quite reasonable prices.

Uptown is overall a charming neighborhood.  Close to the lakefront and public transportation, it most certainly will stay on the radar screen of many new buyers.