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chicago real estate agentBuying or selling a house or condo in Chicagoland is no small undertaking. With time and effort and help from an experienced Chicago Realtor, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Navigating through the world of Chicago real estate is a tricky endeavor if you do not have an experienced agent leading the way. Without a qualified Agent for your residential or commercial real estate goals, the headaches can pile up quickly and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Liz has extensive experience as a Chicago real estate agent working successfully to give her clients what they need in a dense real estate environment. Many Realtors make big promises yet come up short of expectations. It is Liz’s goal to provide her clients with the best-individualized options whether they are buying or selling in Chicago or the suburbs. Her thorough background as a real estate Broker / Agent for both residential and commercial properties in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs has given her the necessary tools to achieve success with any client’s needs. Liz possess the competence, character and conviction to develop a strong, goal-orientated relationship with an emphasis on highest Customer Service. Whether you are in the Chicago market to buy or sell real estate, Liz can help – call her today at 773-430-3000.




What can you expect from Liz as your Realtor?
Liz will not waste your time by showing listings that are not precisely what you are looking. Liz handles all the paperwork from purchase agreements to disclosures and recompensing home warranties making the transition effortless. An experienced Real Estate Agent like Liz will make sure that your comfort level and peace of mind is always
held in highest regard as together we complete the goal of finding the house you desire. The highest degree of professionalism is the cornerstone of Liz’s approach and you will be included in every step of the real estate process ensuring that your goals are met in a timely fashion. Call Liz today to begin working with the right Realtor for all your real estate needs.

Chicago Real Estate Agent

Liz is a highly qualified Real Estate Agent and Broker for ReMax Signature who has been serving Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with professionalism and integrity for over 20 years. Liz is fluent in English, Polish and Russian, and is licensed since 1983. Liz specializes in commercial and residential real estate listings throughout the Chicagoland area. As always, Liz puts your goals first and foremost as she brings you the best real estate listings tailor made for your specific needs.

The Client/Agent Relationship

The relationships between Chicago real estate agents/brokers and buyers and sellers are governed by the LAW OF AGENCY. This body of law is hundreds of years old and governs the operations of all real estate companies. If you have any questions about how this law might be applied to your particular circumstances, you should consult a real estate attorney familiar with real estate law.

The principal or client of an agent is owed fiduciary duties according to the law of agency. As a fiduciary, an agent is obligated to place the client’s interests above all others. The specific fiduciary duties that agents owe to their clients include loyalty, obedience, maintenance of confidentiality, full disclosure of relevant information, reasonable care and diligence, and protection of the client’s assets that are in the agent’s custody.

As a buyer and/or seller, you can count on your agent Liz Sidorowicz to put your interests first as she identifies real estate for you to purchase or sell. In addition to searching for available properties, she will help you acquire the property best suited to your needs on terms and conditions as favorable to you as possible.

Graduate of University Of Illinois
Licensed BROKER
Investment Specialist

Northern Illinois Multiple Listing Service
MAP Multiple Listing Service
Chicago Association of Realtors

What People Are Saying About Agent Liz Sidorowicz

Chicago Northside
“After doing a lot of research I decided to go with Liz Sidorowicz from Re/Max to help me find a new home for my family on the Northside of Chicago. All the real estate sites I saw on the Internet promised the world but after hearing horror stories from many friends, I knew that wasn’t the case. Thankfully Liz went above and beyond in helping my family and I into the house we have always wanted. She helped us every step of the way and made the transition into our new home easy. I recommend Re/Max Signature to all my friends and family who are looking for real estate in the Chicago area. Thanks for all your help.”
Cherry L.

Relocation to Chicago
“I was in a bind and needed to relocate to Chicago for a brand dream new job in two weeks from Minnesota. I had no idea where to find a condo to move into on such short notice and was seriously considering not taking the job offer. I contacted Re/Max Signature and spoke with Liz who immediately they soothed my worries. Liz helped me find a great condo that I could afford and they were able to help me relocate in record time. I can’t thank Liz from Re/Max enough for not only finding me a great place to live but also helping me have the job of my dreams become a reality.”
Travis R.

Downtown Chicago
“Liz at Re/Max Signature is the only real estate agent I will ever deal with again. The professionalism she maintains is second to none. I used ReMax Signature when moving from the south suburbs to downtown Chicago and Liz not only found the perfect condo for me, but she also found the best price. Whenever I mention the price I paid to friends their jaws drop in jealousy as they curse their realtors. A few months ago I needed to move yet again to the Northern suburbs and without hesitation I called Liz. She found a beautiful three-bedroom home in Gurnee for a great place and helped alleviate all the stress that comes with moving. For anyone looking to purchase real estate in and around Chicago, ReMax Signature is the only realtor you need to get the job done.”
Joan and Mark B.

Seller: Chicago Oriole Park
“My house in Oriole Park was on the market for what seemed like an eternity with nothing happening. After serious consideration I severed ties with my realtor at the time and contacted Liz at ReMax Signature hoping she would bring me some luck in selling my home. What a difference the change made! Three weeks after first contacted Liz, I sold my house for a great price and she made the whole process worry-free. For anyone out there eager to sell but can’t find any luck, get a hold of a Liz at ReMax Signature and get ready to be amazed at how she can sell your property in record time.”
April M.

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