Wrigleyville Real Estate Agent and Homes For Sale


Wrigleyville covers an area between Roscoe Street to the South, and Irving Park Road to the North, Halsted Street to the East, and Southport Avenue to the West. Clark Street slices unapologetically through the middle of this awesome neighborhood.

Adorned with Ernie Banks Statue and named after famous Wrigley Field, it is conveniently located with an easy access to the Red and Brown CTA lines. The neighborhood is lively and full of great spots, including Music Box Theatre, Metro, the Cubby Bear and multitude of bars and restaurants along Clark and Halsed Streets. It truly has a great night life.

Real estate in Wrigleville consists mostly of condo buildings, lots of them vintage in style. It has great lofts, duplexes and townhomes like Dakota Lofts, Victorian Place, Southport Corridor, Hawthorne Court to name a few. It also hosts historic properties like Alta Vista Condos and fantastic row homes of Alta Vista Terrace. Wrigleville is heavily populated by young professionals. Full of bars, coffee shop and small restaurants it is most certainly lively and dynamic area to live in and enjoy no matter what age.